How Donations are Spent

When you donate to the Global Israel Alliance (TGIA), where does the money go?

The tax-deductible donations that we receive are divided between several areas:

  • Complementary Pastor Tours-We bring pastors to Israel who have never been there before at no cost. Their experiences in Israel motivate and empower them to stand with Israel. Additionally, the relationships formed enable TGIA to connect with new churches and increase the reach of our work.


  • Education- We are committed to inspire, educate and connect people with Israel through our signature program, The Israel Conference. We aim to increase the frequency of conferences across the U.S. annually.



  • Speaking Tours-You enable us to travel the world to speak to a wide variety of audiences about the importance and significance of supporting Israel. We currently have relationships with 66 churches.


  • Social Media and Internet—We build bridges between Israel and the world by presenting a positive, truthful image in the media. The “main stream media” has not been kind to Israel and this alternative messaging is critical. Our current reach is well over 60,000 people and growing by the thousands monthly.



  • Charitable Contributions- Currently we dedicate funds to supporting orphans in the Galilee. As we grow, our goal is to increase our giving and contribute to other worthy causes in Israel which we have hand selected.


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