“Truth Springs up from the Earth…”(King David, Psalm 85) 


There is no greater proof of God's existence and confirmation of the Bible’s stories then seeing the remnants of those events uncovered. This e-book is a true eye-opener and a must-read!

Be amazed by the confirmation of  Biblical stories through fascinating 

archeological discoveries across Israel



Join Rabbi Moshe, a certified tour guide and passionate Israel activist, in exploring the remnants of Biblical sites in ancient Israel. Some featured sites include the Broad Wall, Tel Dan Stele, Ancient Shiloh, Ein Gedi, The Dead Sea Scrolls, and more! This short e-book presents even popular archeological sites from a unique perspective and enriches the reader with related stories and anecdotes from the Bible and Tanakh. As King David said in Psalm 85, “truth springs up from the earth…” There is no greater proof of God's existence and confirmation of the Bible’s stories then seeing the remnants of those events uncovered. This e-book is a true eye-opener and a must-read.


Rabbi Moshe Rothchild served as the Senior Rabbi in Miami, Florida and Communal Rabbi in Perth, Australia. He moved to Israel in 2009, and founded The Global Israel Alliance.

Rabbi Moshe is a master communicator with years of experience as a teacher, informal educator and even as a stand-up comedian! His ability to tell a story and his infectious enthusiasm come together to bring the Bible to life in full vibrant color. Earlier in his career, he was voted NY’s Funniest Rabbi.

Rabbi Moshe lives together with his wife Yonit and their four children Akiva, Ezra, Shira, and Ari, in the town of Efrat, Israel.

  • chris and ric Parlante.jpg

    Christina and Ric Parlante 

    Naples, Florida

    "We had been on many tours through our years of traveling and most tour guides are reasonably knowledgeable and interesting. However, Moshe is the best. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he encourages participation and shares stories that relate to history or town we visited. He is very humorous and had us listening to every word." 

  • Deborah Schmid.jpg

    Deborah Schmidt

    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Masters of Divinity

    Masters of Biblical Literature

    "Rabbi Moshe was amazing! His great knowledge and educational insights kept all of us fully engaged. He had a special way of relating with everyone in our diverse group and helped us to bond with each other too. It was beautiful. He connected us with both the old and modern history of the land in such a way it seemed to come alive. I especially appreciated his respect for my Christian faith. "

  • Aviva Drazin.jpg

    Aviva Drazin

    Montreal, Canada

    "Even when we think we’ve seen it all, Moshe finds new, historically relevant and entertaining locations to take us to. One of the highlights of our times with Moshe is the journey to our destinations. While we’re on the bus, Moshe has a way of teaching family members of all ages in a way that not only engages each person, but allows us to remember and recall all that we’ve learned from him for years!"

  • Ari Abramowitz.jpg

    Ari Abramowitz

    Arugot Farms, Israel

    "Rarely do I remember a speech years after I heard it. Rabbi Moshe Rothchild is hands down one of the most passionate articulate and inspiring educators I have ever encountered"

  • cindy.jpeg

    Cindy Place

    Naples, Florida

    For those who wish to truly experience Israel and the Jewish history and culture there is none better than Moshe Rothchild. He shares far more than just facts as we tour the country and is dedicated to uniting God's children, capitalizing on our commonalities rather than espousing one religion or another. He is amazingly funny and personable. His classes are life changing. Treat yourself to a tour/class/speaking engagement.

  • doug hansen.jpg

    Doug Hansen

    Rolla, Missouri

    Rabbi Moshe Rothchild is absolutely one of, if not the most outgoing, charismatic, and
    inspiring person I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Not only that, but he has a
    way of inserting enough joy into his teachings that it leaves yo hungry for more. He's
    also a great musician and singer, too!

  • ted and nancy gean.jpg

    Ted and Nancy Gean

    Baltimore, MD

    Moshe you stand out in a crowd as the best tour guy ever! Your knowledge is
    outstanding and the way you relate to the group is amazing. You make the places come
    alive and explains The Who, what and were in the Bible. We traveled North, South, East
    and west thought The Holy lands. If you need a tour guide for Israel Moshe is the best

    there is hands down. We enjoyed the touring with Moshe so much we are coming back
    next year.

  • Deborah Davis 

    Naples, Florida

    Moshe was extremely knowledgeable about Jewish
    history and the many sites we visited in Israel. Just as important to me, Moshe has a
    strong understanding of Christianity which, as a Christian, added even more to the
    experience. Moshe was also both very personable and funny, which made our trip even
    more enjoyable. I look forward to my next trip to Israel, under Moshe’s guidance, since I
    could not imagine a better tour guide for that trip.

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