Uncover the deep, pure secrets available to those who read the Bible in its original Hebrew  


When you communicate through a translator, you are not interacting directly with the source of the communication. It’s almost impossible for a human to translate a communication into a different language without the concepts first being processed through their own understanding- thus producing a translation that isn’t 100% exact. When one learns the Bible in any other language besides Biblical Hebrew, the Bible’s teachings naturally lose some depth and meaning. 

Rabbi Moshe’s Bible study gives you the opportunity to experience the Bible’s teachings in full flavor by delving into the Biblical Hebrew words. 

It’s almost impossible for a human to transpose a communication into a different language without the concepts first being processed through their own understanding.


Rabbi Moshe Rothchild served as the Senior Rabbi in Miami, Florida and Communal Rabbi in Perth, Australia. He moved to Israel in 2009, and founded The Global Israel Alliance.

Rabbi Moshe is a master communicator with years of experience as a teacher, informal educator and even as a stand-up comedian! His ability to tell a story and his infectious enthusiasm come together to bring the Bible to life in full vibrant color. Earlier in his career, he was voted NY’s Funniest Rabbi.

Rabbi Moshe lives together with his wife Yonit and their four children Akiva, Ezra, Shira, and Ari, in the town of Efrat, Israel.

       WHAT YOU WILL LEARN      


Hebrew is the key to understanding God's word.

This class gives you the key.

  • Learn what the Hebrew word Torah means and how this can actually unlock the message of the Bible. 

  • Examine the question of whether the story of creation really gives us the order of creation. The Hebrew Bible does not say “In the beginning…(Genesis 1:1)” How did all the translators get it wrong?

  • Discover how understanding the Hebrew word-choice in the Book of Genesis can solve the mystery of dating the universe.

  • Reveal the essence of a woman according to the Bible.

  • Understand what preserves and what destroys a marriage, through the Hebrew words of the Bible.

  • RobSmith_edited.jpg

    Pastor Rob Smith 

    Church United in Naples, Florida

    I’ve been in a ministry position for over 35 years and heard insights during Moshe’s “Secrets of the Hebrew Bible” course I’ve never heard in my life.
    Secrets of the Hebrew Bible gave me fresh insight on teachings that I have heard for decades. Secrets of the Hebrew Bible reveal hidden truths that have been lost through the English translation.

  • Deborah Schmid.jpg

    Deborah Schmidt

    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Masters of Divinity

    Masters of Biblical Literature

    "Praise Adonai for Rabbi Moshe Rothchild and the Israel Alliance Organization for providing Holy Spirit breathed "Secrets of the Hebrew Bible". I am a Messianic believer from the Christian faith who is thankful for the Hebrew understanding and clarity you give us thru your research in our Bible!" 

  • IMG_2396.jpg

    Marie Macaluso

    Naples, Florida

    "The unique insight into the Hebrew writings did not disappoint.  It offers such a vast understanding into the Words of God, what He actually said!  FIRST HAND hearing! That stirs my faith even more!

    The teachings are easy enough even for non-speaking Hebrew persons and Christians, which testifies to the work accomplished by Rabbi Moshe!

    Can’t wait for more!"

  • RTF_Picture 2.png

    Rebecca Fucci 


    "I am a Roman Catholic who found your class fascinating. As someone who reads the New Testament daily I found I can better receive the messages of Jesus by comprehending the gems you uncovered for me in the Old Testament. Thank you for bringing this new level of understanding to me."

  • IMG_9269.jpeg

    Mary Jane Yetter

    Bismarck, N. Dakota

    "The classes have increased my love for the Jewish people and have given me a deeper understanding of the beautiful language of Hebrew. I found with each class there was a different aspect that I enjoyed. One of the most interesting was the chiastic structure. That was fascinating!

    Thank you for sharing your love for God’s Word. God has given you a wonderful gift of teaching."

  • doug hansen.jpg

    Doug Hansen

    Rolla, Missouri

    Rabbi Moshe Rothchild is absolutely one of, if not the most outgoing, charismatic, and
    inspiring person I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Not only that, but he has a
    way of inserting enough joy into his teachings that it leaves yo hungry for more. He's also a great musician and singer, too!

  • Deborah Davis 

    Naples, Florida

    I was part of a 24-person tour group to Israel in 2017 for which Moshe Rothchild, a Jewish Rabbi, was our tour guide. Moshe was extremely knowledgeable about Jewish
    history and the many sites we visited in Israel. Just as important to me, Moshe has a  strong understanding of Christianity which, as a Christian, added even more to the experience. Moshe was also both very personable and funny, which made our trip even
    more enjoyable. I look forward to my next trip to Israel, under Moshe’s guidance, since I
    could not imagine a better tour guide for that trip.

  • Amit-Bloom.jpg

    Amit, Bloom

    Aventura, Florida

    Moshe took my group on a tour of Tel Aviv, and he was fantastic! Not only is extremely knowledgeable and able to answer all the questions we threw at him… he’s funny and engaging and made the entire experience loads of fun. I would definitely book a tour with him again the next time I’m in Israel!

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